Campus Safety & Security

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Safe Zones

Permanent Safe Zones

  • Classroom in Lab with Chemical Storage: (Barney Gray Science Building)
  • SB #122 (Organic Stock Room), SB #123 (Organic Lab that stores chemicals), SB #3124 (Inorganic Lab that stores chemicals), SB #127 (Inorganic Stock Room), SB #3126 (Spec Room), SB #125 (Environmental Science Stock Room), SB #227 (Microbiology Lab), SB #228 (Microbiology stock room and research).
  • Diana Gray Daycare Center
  • Rundell Hall Testing Center

Temporary Safe Zones

In order to provide adequate safety during events (BOR meetings, Basketball games, Commencement ceremonies, and One-on-One meetings between Faculty and Students), we have designated the following facilities as Temporary Zones during specified times. Proper signage will be posted 30 minutes prior to these events and removed no later than 30 minutes after the events have ended.

  • Gymnasium
  • Sports Arena
  • Performing Arts Center (during Events)
  • Tucker Hall
  • Rundell Hall (President’s Suite, Conference Center, Student Success and Advising Center)
  • Student Center

Frequently Asked Questions

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Where does a handgun need to be in order to be considered ‘concealed?’.
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What happens if I am at an off-campus event, sponsored by a Lee College registered student organization, and someone shows a gun? Is that okay since they are not on campus?
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