Chromebook FAQ

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Can I use Blackboard and Blackboard Collaborate?

Yes! Chromebooks are equipped and ready with the Chrome browser, so you can access Blackboard and use Blackboard Collaborate the same way you would on a PC.

Can I use Microsoft Office?

Yes! You can download the Microsoft Office app (or the individual apps) from the Google Play Store.

Do I have to be online to create and edit documents?

Nope! There is a local storage that can store documents while working offline. Just connect to the Internet when you are ready to upload your files to Blackboard.

Can I install PC programs onto Chromebooks?

Windows PC applications cannot be installed on Chromebooks, since they are using a Google Operating System, but you can still install useful apps from the Google Play Store that have been tailored to Chromebooks.

How do I use a Chromebook?

It’s easy! Here are some resources to get you started:

Getting started with Chromebook

How to Chromebook

Install MS Office on Chromebook

If you have any other questions, email the Help Desk at We will be happy to provide more Chromebook resources.