Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing

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New Cybersecurity and Cloud Computing Technology programs

In a digital world, the demand is high for maintaining securing electronic data. Lee College is preparing the next generation of IT professionals by launching Cybersecurity degree and certificate programs as well as a Cloud Computing certificate program. Students will master these emerging technologies from the ground up with plenty of real-world applications along the way!

Why Should You Pur­sue Cy­ber­secur­ity or Cloud Com­put­ing at Lee Col­lege?

Money iconThe median annual salary for information security analysts is $103,000.*
Cloud iconMany of the largest tech companies — such as Amazon, Apple, Goggle, and Microsoft — all utilize cloud computing services.
If you're a first time student at Lee College, your first semester is FREE!
Certificate iconCertificates can be earned in as little as two semesters.

Who Are These Programs For?

These programs are designed for first-time students as well as existing IT professionals looking to upgrade their skills.

What Will Students Learn?

  • Cybersecurity fundamentals such as networking, digital forensics, information security, cyber-psychology and more.
  • Concepts are taught from the ground up with plenty of real-world applications along the way.

Program Overviews


Cloud Computing

*According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics.