Empirical Educator Center

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Mission Statement

In the belief that all college employees are educators, the mission of the Empirical Educator Center is to provide professional development for all members of the college community and encourage a culture of continuous improvement to support the ideal student experience.

EEC Services

Campus-Wide Professional Development

Please visit the Campus-Wide Professional Development Site

NOTE: You will need to log in with your Lee College employee credentials to view the site.

If you have any additional professional development needs, please email the EEC (

Seven Principles of Learning
Overview of Classroom and Online Observation
Instructional Design Support

EEC Staff Members

Title Name Email Phone
Co-Director Karen Guthmiller 281.425.6403
Co-Director Dr. Laura Lane-Worley 832.556.5782
Instructional Designer Alex Nguyen   832.556.4042
Instructional Designer Nicole Tunmire 832.556.4042
Administrative Assistant Haley Voortmans hvoortmans@!  281-425-6515