Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Locations

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AED Sign mounted to wallLee Col­lege has placed auto­mated ex­ternal de­fibril­la­tors (AEDs) through­out its cam­pus and cen­ters for use by un­trained in­di­vid­uals in the event an­other per­son ex­per­iences a car­diac mal­func­tion.

An AED is a por­table de­vice de­signed to be sim­ple to use. An AED auto­matical­ly di­agnos­es po­ten­tial­ly life-threat­en­ing car­diac mal­funct­ions in pa­tients, and is able to treat them through defibril­lation. Once turned on, an auto­mated voice will direct the user in clear, easy-to-un­der­stand terms. However, the units alone can­not save a per­son. 911 must be called as soon as pos­sible.

For more information, contact the Security Department at 281.425.6888.

AED Locations

Cintas AED unit in its boxMain Campus

  • 909 Decker Drive — First floor, across from Room 123 in the hallway, near the elevator
  • Advanced Technology Center (ATC) — Lobby outside the library
  • Grey Science Building — First floor, near the elevator
  • Gymnasium (Old Gym) — Hallway near pool entry
  • Maintenance
  • Moler Hall — Main hallway 
  • Performing Arts Center (PAC) — Across from the Theatrical Workshop, room 147
  • Rundell Hall — First floor lounge, across from Admissions & Records
  • Security Building — In the hallway, left of the main entrance
  • Sports Arena — First floor hallway, near room 121
  • Student Center 
  • The Lofts — First floor hallway
  • TV-1 — First floor hallway, near room 122

McNair Center

  • Welding Building
  • Workforce Area, Room A127

Liberty Center

  • Main foyer at the Security desk

Huntsville Center

  • Main foyer at the front entrance