Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

A satellite image of a storm from above
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Lee College's location on the Houston-area Gulf Coast is subject to impacts from tropical storms and hurricanes. Our desire is to protect the lives and safety of our students, faculty members, and staff members. The Hurricane Planning Guide provides guidelines and establishes protocols for an organized response to a hurricane. It addresses pre-storm preparation and post-storm recovery, as well as management of the campus during a storm. The timing and implementation of any or all steps may change in response to facts and circumstances surrounding any individual storm.

Lee College will monitor storms that could affect our area and post updates as required on the Lee College website. If a storm or hurricane affects our area and the college closes, you are asked not to return to campus until it is safe and you are notified. The Lee College website will be used to notify you of the status of returning.

The college's priority is to:

  • Ensure the safety and protection of faculty, staff, students, and visitors
  • Mitigate damage and protect college assets