AOD: 12-2-2020

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Drug Free Campus Committee — Dec. 2, 2020

Members Present

  • Dr. Rosemary Coffman, Associate Dean (Chair), Student Affairs
  • Mike Spletter, Director, Student Activities, Student Activities
  • Elizabeth Caballero, Be Well Baytown, MD Anderson
  • Nathan Lilly, Be Well Baytown/ Lee College, Student Affairs
  • Howard Bushart, Chair, Allied Health, Academics
  • Tiffany Winchester, Veterans Center Coordinator, Student Affairs
  • Amber Carter, Southeast Coalition, BACODA
  • Tiffany Winter, Be Well Baytown, MD Anderson

Review of Minutes from November 18 — Approved as written.

Old Business — Drug Use and Abuse Policy

  • The review of the AOD policy included updates from our last meeting. We received information from Baytown PD that was reviewed. Changes discussed at this meeting:  we will continue to add information on the laws around tobacco and add the federal law; add the harmful effects of electronic cigarettes; add information on confidentiality for those seeking resources; and; we will update the resource section to include information from the Truth initiative which is a resource specifically for e-cigarettes (vaping)

Tobacco Free Campus / Awareness and Compliance

  • For compliance, we discussed how individuals will be contacted if they are found out of compliance with our tobacco free policy for the first offence, there needs to be information sent to the individual with resources on cessation. This is in addition to the "card" given to the person at the time they are identified as violating the policy by security. Other suggestions
    • Nathan suggested putting notifications on Blackboard or handing cards with resources on them
    • Amber followed up suggesting the message be from Rosemary or the committee to take a friendly approach
    • We can use the Drug Free Campus as entity that follows up with the student perhaps with a designated email address.

Announcements / Discussion

  • Rosemary found a vendor for signs and they have been ordered.
  • We need to determine the location of the signs.
  • Elizabeth mentioned that Lee College is posting tobacco-free information on their social media.

Next Meeting / The group agreed to meet in late January.

Respectfully Submitted,
Rosemary Coffman, PhD, CRC, LCDC
Dr. Rosemary Coffman, Associate Dean of Student Affairs