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Hispanic Education Access and Completion Committee


The Hispanic Education Access and Completion Committee was formed in 1986, alongside the Black Educational Access & Completion Committee, to encourage enrollment in higher education and the completion of degrees and certificates while preserving the Hispanic/Latinx heritage through cultural programs.

A nationally recognized volunteer organization under the leadership of Lee College, HEACC sponsors programs and events open to all high school and college students and their families to define: the enrollment and registration process, available financial assistance, and college expectations. Cultural community events are scheduled throughout the year to engage our community and promote our roots and heritage.

We are composed of Lee College employees and community members interested in the development, education, and importance of cultural heritage. All are welcome, and we would be excited to have you join us!

Executive Board

HEACC Officers: Daisy Aramburo, HEACC Co-Liaison Emily Gomez, HEACC Secretary Dr. Victoria Marron, HEACC Co-Liaison Melissa Valencia, HEACC President Dr. Rolando Valdez, HEACC Vice-President

HEACC Officers, from left: Daisy Aramburo, HEACC Co-Liaison; Emily Gomez, HEACC Secretary; Dr. Victoria Marron, HEACC Co-Liaison; Melissa Valencia, HEACC President; Dr. Rolando Valdez, HEACC Vice-President