Supervisor Resources: Onboarding and Offboarding Employees

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Congratulations on the hire of your new employee! As a supervisor, you play an important role in guiding new employees through fulfilling careers at the College.

The Onboarding Toolkit will help you prepare for welcoming and engaging your new employees through the dynamic process of "onboarding." Onboarding begins at the time of hire and ideally continues through the first year of employment. It enables you to bring newly hired employees up to speed with the policies, processes, culture, expectations, and day-to-day responsibilities of your department.

Research shows that providing a well-organized onboarding experience greatly increases employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention. The tips and resources in the Onboarding Toolkit will support your onboarding efforts and shorten the time it takes your new employees to successfully contribute to your department and the College.

Supervisor Resource: Onboarding Toolkit (PDF)


Starting the Separation Process

As soon as your employee has notified you of their separation, email Human Resources so they can initiate the offboarding process in NEOED. (For sensitive situations, including involuntary separations, contact Human Resources.)

After HR enters the separation data in NEOED, the employee will receive an automated email notification from the system instructing them to complete tasks assigned in their Offboarding Checklist.

Full-time employees are required to provide a written notice of resignation that includes an actual signature. While a written notice is not required for part-time employees, it is highly encouraged.

Sample Resignation Letter (PDF)

Supervisor Tasks

  • Ensure time and accrual entries for the separating employee are up-to-date and entered in JanTek.
  • Provide HR a list of college-issued property, equipment, and/or items the employee must turn in.
  • Confirm the separating employee has completed recent Purchasing processes.
  • Manage the transition of duties.
  • Inform team, co-workers, departments, and/or vendors of the change in personnel.

Additional Assistance

If you have questions or need assistance, HR is available to support you and the employee through the offboarding process (Email: or Phone: 281.425.6875).