Counseling and Advising

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The Counseling Center

Lee College employs a staff of professional counselors whose major tasks include helping students select courses in which they can succeed and which lead to the realization of their educational goals and providing career counseling. In addition, counselors can answer questions related to TSI, financial aid, and the transferability of courses either to or from Lee College.

Lee College is dedicated to providing quality instruction and services to all of the students it enrolls. Students who are having difficulty with classes, student services, other students, or are considering withdrawing from the college for other reasons, are urged to speak with a counselor before dropping a class or failing to attend classes on a regular basis.

The LCHC counselors act as the liaison between the student, TDCJ, and Lee College. A student may make an appointment to see a Lee College counselor by sending an I-60 to the counselor through the unit education office. Students may also contact counselors via truck mail, Box 40, Windham Administration building, or by US Mail at:

Lee College Huntsville Center
One Financial Plaza, Suite 290
Huntsville, TX 77340

Degree Plans

Offenders are required to complete their degree objective in the most efficient manner possible. Associate, baccalaureate, master’s degree offenders shall have a degree plan by the end of the first semester of enrollment in the college’s program.

A copy of each offender’s degree plan shall be provided by the college or university to the unit education department for its files.

Degree plans cannot be changed at the offender’s request without the written approval of the Regional Community Education Coordinator.