About Your Library

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What we do

  • Lee College Library provides the Lee College Community with research support for the academic and technical curricula by using all the resources available with current technologies while still providing traditional library services.
  • We want to empower our patrons to be self-sufficient researchers and lifelong learners in an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional facility.
  • The primary purpose of the Lee College Library is to support the college mission.
  • We help improve students, faculty, staff and administration success by continually giving them the tools and skills to become information literate citizens in today’s society.

What we have

Located on the first floor of the Academic Technology Center (ATC) at 150 Lee Dr., Baytown, TX, (map) we are constantly updating our print and electronic materials to give our patrons a variety of resources that can be accessed both in-person and remotely. We house over 68,000 books and over 700 periodicals. We also have electronic resources in the form of e-books, government documents, and access to over 85 article databases. We are your information source on campus.