Acceptable Use Policy

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Research can be defined as gathering information for required course assignments or for personal information.

Please limit the following activities:


You may use email to primarily communicate with your instructor or for educational purposes. Please try to limit the amount of personal business conducted via email.


Unless it is required for course communication or to use our Ask a Librarian chat service.

Changing Settings

All setting changes will be wiped out the next time the computer is rebooted.

Downloading or Saving Files to the Hard Drive (My Documents)

Please note any files or software stored on the hard drive will be wiped away the next time the computer is rebooted and you will lose your work.


If you are using Library workstations for games, including lotto, you may be asked to relinquish your machine.

Sexually Obscene Sites

Sites that are defined as Sexually Obscene are illegal per 18 USC 2252 and may not be accessed using our workstations. Sexually explicit sites may be accessed if your research needs include this type of material. We ask that you let a reference librarian assist you with this type of research.

This policy is based on the campus-wide Internet usage policy. We ask that you respect the guidelines of this policy.

Our policy is to ensure that all users have access to the Internet and to our electronic resources without allowing any patron to monopolize the machines or to offend other users. We also want to ensure that the machines are protected and available when you want to use them.