Lee enrolling students in EMT courses coming to Baytown in July

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Scholarships & payment plans available for those seeking EMT training, certification

BAYTOWN, TX — The Center for Workforce and Community Development at Lee College is bringing EMT classes to Baytown next month for those interested in preparing for a rewarding career on the front line of emergency medical care.

Scholarships and payment plans are available for students who enroll in the EMT course in Baytown, which will begin Monday, July 10. Two class sessions are being offered to help shift workers and others who want to complete training while juggling work and other responsibilities: a morning class from 8 a.m.-noon and an evening class from 6-10 p.m.

The EMT program at Lee College includes 144 hours of classroom instruction and 80 hours of rotations in clinical and ambulance settings. The curriculum requires students to master key skills and work through scenarios they will encounter in the field, from patient assessment and basic airway management to bandaging and splinting, bleeding control and spinal immobilization.

Students who successfully complete the EMT program are prepared to take the National Registry Assessment Exam to earn certification as an EMT, which qualifies them for entry-level positions responding to emergency calls, providing immediate care to the critically ill or injured and transporting patients to medical facilities. Students also need EMT certification to become firefighters or move up to careers as an Advanced EMT, EMT-Paramedic or Licensed Paramedic.

“A good EMT is someone who cares about people and can adapt to different environments and circumstances,” said Michael Cooper, who manages the EMT and Fire Science programs for the college and has been a certified medic herself for more than 30 years. “Every scene, every house, every call is different. Improvise, adapt and overcome — it’s part of doing the job. It gets in your blood.”