Admission Information

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Admission is two-step and competitive. Admission to the college is step one, followed by application to the nursing program. Completed applications will be reviewed and selected based on a point system that ranks academic ability through pre-requisite course grades and HESI readiness assessment. After all applications are scored, selected applicants are invited to complete admission to the program. All prerequisite courses must be complete upon admission to the nursing program.

TSI Requirements

College readiness in all areas (reading, writing, and math) is required for admissions into any Lee College nursing program. This requirement can be met in a number of ways. Please contact a Lee College advisor to learn if you are college-ready in all areas.

Entrance Testing

All entrance testing must be completed through the Lee College Testing Center each application period. Previous HESI scores from Lee College or other outside organizations will be not be accepted. Please follow the instructions on the Lee College Testing Center's HESI page to register for the appropriate entrance exam. Spaces are limited, and applicants will only have one attempt each application period to successfully complete the required entrance exam, so be sure to register early.

Program Details
LVN HESI PN with Critical Thinking Component
ADN HESI RN with Critical Thinking Component
LVN-RN Transitional HESI Fundamentals Exam

Admission Requirements 

Full admission is not complete until all program admission requirements, satisfactory FBI criminal background check, and specific applicant contingencies are completed on time. All required documents MUST be submitted and approved BEFORE Aug. 1. If items are not received prior to Aug. 1, the student will be unable to participate and will therefore not be eligible to continue in the program. Directions will be provided during the Lee College Nursing Program's new student orientation. 

NOTE: Any student who has previously attended a nursing program must provide a letter from the program director stating the student is in good standing with the program.

Mandatory Health Documentation

  • Applicants must complete a urine drug screen. Any positive or flagged result will be reviewed and may disqualify the applicant from admission to the program.
  • Students are required to obtain and maintain personal health insurance while in the program. Acceptable personal health insurance must meet Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC). 
  • Immunizations and titers must be current and include:
    • Tdap (within 10 years), must have the Pertussis component
    • MMR vaccination series (two vaccines)
    • Varicella vaccination series (two vaccines)
    • Annual influenza vaccine (administered during flu season)
    • Hepatitis B titer showing immunity
      • If titer is negative, non-reactive, or not immune, proof of a three-shot series dated after the negative titer is required.
    • Annual negative Tuberculin Skin Test (PPD), chest X-ray or negative QuantiFERON-TB Gold
    • Current BLS CPR (Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers from the American Heart Association)

Immunizations and BLS certification are at the student's expense.

International Students

International Students may apply to Lee College Nursing Programs; however, must have a social security number in order to apply. Other foreign documentation may be required for clinical experiences.

Transfer Students

Because of differences in program curricula, Lee College Nursing programs do not accept transfer students. Students who have previously attended another nursing program must apply to the program, meet admission requirements, and follow the program curriculum as written.

Students must adhere to the policies of Lee College and the Lee College Nursing Program.