Why Lee College?

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  1. Nationally recognized Honors Program
  2. Small college environment provides students with one-on-one assistance
  3. Faculty and staff that care enough to know your name
  4. Study Abroad Program takes students to other countries
  5. Financial aid assistance and scholarships are available to help finance your degree
  6. Play billiards in between classes at the Student Center
  7. Free basketball games on Wednesday nights
  8. State-of-the-art Wellness Center with Sports Arena
  9. Fun student activities on campus
  10. Offers over 130 degrees and certificates to pursue your career
  11. Lee College ranks 8th in the nation for degrees awarded in science and technology, 4th in degrees awarded to Hispanic students.
  12. Lee College Ranks in the top 10% of America's two-year colleges for outstanding student success.
  13. Lee College is recognized as a "military friendly" college by GI Jobs Magazine

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