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The purpose of this program is to present a rare opportunity for every individual to contribute personally and tangibly to a significant improvement effort. By recycling our office waste paper we can reduce our waste costs by over one half. Recycling conserves energy and natural resources and protects our land from an overburden of waste.


The small blue containers are strictly for recyclable paper, you empty this into a larger centralized container and that is in turn deposited into the actual recycle bin. It is imperative that everyone becomes a part of this effort. The custodians play a major role in emptying the large containers, but their efforts are hampered if it contains trash.


Cardboard is also recycled. Unwanted boxes should be placed near trash receptacles or in the hallway and the Custodial Services will deposit them in the proper cardboard recycling dumpster.

Toner/Ink Cartridges

Receiving also recycles all toner and printer cartridges. To participate in this effort, simply take your used toner and ink cartridges to the mailroom, and we will gather them from that location.

Acceptable/Not Acceptable Items


  • White and colored papers
  • White and colored envelopes with windows
  • Booklets and manuals
  • Greeting cards
  • Manila and colored folders
  • NCR and carbonless forms
  • Soft-covered books with white pages
  • Fax telex and copy paper
  • Self-adhesive notes and envelopes
  • Adding machine tape

Not Acceptable

  • Food contaminated wastes
  • Styrofoam and plastic items
  • Waxed items: cups, plates
  • Napkins, paper towels
  • Restroom waste
  • Candy wrappers
  • Phone books, magazines, newspapers
  • Lunch and grocery bags
  • Brown/goldenrod envelopes
  • Brown folders/binders
  • Hardcover books
  • Photographic/blueprint papers