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A fall-protection safety harness worn by worker
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The Risk Management Institute is a service of Lee College’s Center for Workforce and Community Development, supported by the Texas Mutual Insurance Company.

We recognize that people are priceless. For this reason, safety knowledge should be free. The Risk Management Institute provides FREE seminars, workshops, and safety training on worker’s health and safety for employers, employees, and the general public.

Our safety training includes a wide variety of risk management/safety topics. The safety training includes a wide variety of risk management/safety topics — from back safety, ergonomics, and fall protection, to Safety Management, Confined Spaces, HAZCOM, Drug and Alcohol Awareness, and more.

We are constantly adding new workshops. If you would like us to offer a topic, please email Victoria Arredondo at or call 281.425.6209.

 Texas Mutual Workers' Compensation Insurance: Work Safe, Texas
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Confined Space - Lockout / Tagout
Welding Safety
Safety Leadership / Culture
Hazard Communication
Scaffold Safety / Fall Protection