Making the Most of Your Job Fair Experience

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Before the Job Fair

  • Advertise and promote your opportunities. When you register, be sure to provide your company profile and logo so your company information is included in the program given to students, as well as the student publications. Advertisement enhances your company’s visibility prior to the event.

During the Job Fair

  • Use displays that are visually and graphically attractive. Have pictures of work settings and feature engaging information about job duties, salary, etc.
  • Step out from behind your table to be more approachable to students and attract candidates.
  • Have plenty of business cards to pass out to students.
  • Bring detailed job descriptions. Be prepared to provide advice to students who are looking for opportunities for which you are not recruiting (e.g., provide a human resources contact in the company or someone the student can connect with).
  • Bring recent hires or current interns from your company to assist recruiting efforts.
  • Bring small promotional items so students will have a reminder of your company after the event.
  • Plan to stay till the end of the job fair to ensure you do not miss good candidates who may come at the end of the event. Keep in mind that students will fit the job fair around their class schedule; a student who arrives during the last hour is not necessarily late. He or she may have simply come after class.

After the Job Fair

  • Follow-up in a timely manner with all candidates. Let them know whether they will receive an interview or if they are no longer being considered. If you have no immediate job opportunities, keep in touch with those students who you are interested in for future openings.
  • Continue to use the Career and Transfer Services Office for additional résumé referrals, on-campus recruiting, and job postings.