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Student success is the goal of the Career and Transfer Services Office. We provide many resources and programs to assist students explore career options and develop effective job search skills, enabling them to professionally represent themselves to prospective employers and ultimately attain their employment goals.

Services Available to Lee College Students and Alumni

Individual Career Advising

Students can schedule an appointment to meet with the Career and Transfer Services Specialist to discuss concerns related to career options, employment trends, gaining experience, preparing for a job search, or making the transition from college to career.


Our online job database provides students and alumni the opportunity to search a list of part-time, full-time, internship, and temporary job postings. Students and alumni can easily access this service by registering online with our office. In addition, through our partnership with MonsterTRAK, students have access to thousands of job opportunities. These jobs are targeted to students in Handshake. These additional jobs are easy to access and apply to once a student logs into the link.

Résumés, Cover Letters, and Job Search Correspondence

Students can get assistance creating résumés, cover letters, and thank-you letters.

Practice interviews

Practice makes perfect! Students can sign up for a simulated job interview to practice answering important questions and sharpen their interviewing skills. Afterward, our staff will provide a constructive critique of their performance and discuss effective interview strategies.

Career-Related Workshops and Presentations

Our office hosts a variety of workshops and presentations throughout the year designed to help students improve their job search skills. Topics include developing résumés, writing cover letters, creating a portfolio, preparing for an interview, and much more. View our online calendar for details of upcoming events.

Job Fairs

Job fairs are a great opportunity for students to gather information about different organizations, determine career options, and promote themselves in a less formal environment. Employers participate in these events to promote their organizations and to find qualified candidates for internships and job openings within their companies. Upcoming events will be announced on our online calendar.

On-Campus Student Jobs

In addition to providing students the opportunity to earn extra money, student assistants and work-study students develop skills, responsibilities, work habits, and attitudes associated with employment. Students interested in working on-campus as student assistants or work-study students can complete an application and return it to the Career and Transfer Services Office in the Student Center. Student workers must maintain an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher and must be enrolled in a certain amount of credit hours each semester. Contact our office for more details. There are two types of on-campus, student employment at Lee College:

Student Assistant
Part-time, on-campus employment for currently enrolled students who typically do not receive financial aid. Positions are funded by the employing department. Students can work up to 17.5 hours a week and their work hours are scheduled around their classes. To be eligible to work as a Student Assistant, a student must maintain an overall GPA equal to or greater than a 2.0 and be enrolled in a specific number of credit hours each semester.

Federal Work Study (FWS)
FWS is a federally funded program providing part-time, on-campus employment for currently enrolled students. Only students who qualify for financial aid are eligible for this program. Student wages are paid by FWS allocations, NOT by the employing department.
We collect applications for student assistants and work-study students and verify eligibility to work on campus. We match qualified candidates to departmental job requirements.

Career Resource Tools

Our office has a wealth of print and computer resources including information on occupations, employment/salary trends, job search strategies, sample résumés and cover letters, and interview preparation.

Vault Online Career Library — An easy-to-use, comprehensive, Web-based career information system. Provides up-to-date profiles on hundreds of career fields and companies, as well as career survey results and advice from people working on the job. Current Lee College students have access to this service at no cost.

What Can I Do With A Major In … ? — Finally, a convenient website that connects majors with careers. For each major that interests you, find an outline of common career areas, typical employers, and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities. Or students can visit with our friendly staff to discuss up-to-date labor market information and also learn how to keep up with the latest high-demand occupations and industry trends.

Make an appointment with our office to get personal assistance with creating or updating your résumé as well as preparing for your upcoming interview. To schedule an appointment, contact us.

Lee College does not discriminate on the basis of gender, disability, race, color, age, religion, national origin or veteran status.