Employment Opportunities

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There are two kinds of employment opportunities: on-campus and off-campus.

On-Campus Employment

There are also two types of on-campus employment:

Student Assistant

  • On-campus, part-time employment for currently enrolled students. Positions are funded by the employing departments and available on a limited basis. Students can work 17.5 hours a week and their work hours are scheduled around their classes.
  • To work as a Student Assistant, students must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA and be enrolled in at least 6 hours during the spring and fall semesters or 3 hours during the summer semester.
  • To find out if you are eligible to work on-campus, read the Student Assistant Policies or contact the Career and Transfer Services Office for more information.
  • To apply for a Student Assistant or Work Study position, complete and return the application to our office (Moler Hall). A signature is required.

Federal Work Study (FWS)

  • A federally funded program providing part-time employment on-campus for students who qualify. Students can work 17.5 hours a week, and their work hours are scheduled around their classes.
  • For a list of Federal Work Study opportunities, go to Handshake.

Off-Campus Employment

Local job opportunities are posted daily in the Career and Transfer Services office and online on Handshake, our computerized job database. Off-campus employment opportunities range from entry-level to professional positions and include full-time, part-time, and temporary job openings.

To receive information regarding a job opening, you must be a current or past Lee College student and be registered with the Career and Transfer Services office. By registering with our office, students receive 24-hour access to Handshake and can search for jobs from the comfort of their own home.