General Information

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Course Withdrawal:

The VA does not allow automatic payment of benefits for a grade of “W” or “I.” Students who drop courses after the Day of Record may have to pay back money received for the course.

Repeating Courses:
No student may repeat a course for VA benefits in which a passing grade or temporary grade of “I” has been earned. Students are responsible for knowing which courses have been completed.

Program Requirements:
VA requires that students who have a specified program on file take only courses toward that program. Classes that stray from the approved program cannot be certified for VA benefits. Before enrolling for courses outside one’s approved program, students should submit a change of program form 1995 (veterans) or 5495 (dependents) to the Veterans Center.

Kinesiology Requirements:
Upon receipt of a one’s DD-214, the veteran will receive one semester credit hour of kinesiology.

Registration Deadlines:
In order to avoid processing delays in submitting your Enrollment Certification to the VA, please complete registration and submit a Request for Certification form at least two weeks prior to the start of each semester.