Hazlewood Act

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The Hazlewood Act is a benefit for Texas veterans, exempting the cost of tuition and most fees.

Hazlewood Q&A

Which charges are covered?

The Hazlewood Act exempts qualified students taking classes at public institutions of higher education in Texas from tuition and fee charges, but does not include property deposits or student services fees.

Which charges are not covered?

Books, supplies and living expenses are not covered, nor are property deposit and student services fees.

How does the exemption work?

The Hazlewood Act is an exemption from the payment of tuition and most fees. There is no money changing hands with this benefit. The institution the student attends absorbs the cost of tuition and some fees for that student.

How do I know if I qualify?

You may qualify for an exemption of tuition and some fees from the Hazlewood Act if …

  • You were a Texas resident
  • You either designated Texas as your Home of Record or entered the service in Texas
  • Have at least 181 days of active military duty (sum of 12c and 12d on DD-214)
  • Received an honorable discharge or separation or a general discharge under honorable conditions
  • Have no federal veteran's education benefits that exceed the value of Hazlewood benefits
  • Are not in default on student loans

Children and spouses may be eligible, as well. Learn more about child and spouse eligibility.

How do I apply for the exemption?

Hazlewood Applications (to return to the Veterans Center) Veterans using the Exemption must complete the HE-V application form: HE-V Application Packet for Veterans

Eligible Children and Spouses Who Have Never Used the Exemption must complete both the HE-V (above) and the HE-D application form: HE-D Application Packet for Eligible Children and Spouses

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