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Mobile Go Center

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  • Any request to use the Mobile Go Center must be submitted at least TWO WEEKS in advance. If the event is less than two weeks away, please contact us at or call 832.556.4446.
  • Requestors should book a time to view/walk through the Mobile Go Center prior to the event, to become familiar with how to operate the vehicle. (Lee College internal departments only.)
  • The requestor must also provide his/her own products and materials to stock the Mobile Go Center. (Lee College internal departments only.)
  • The requestor is responsible for checking the Mobile Go Center both in and out with Outreach Services. (Lee College internal departments only.)
  • All personnel who plan to operate or man the Mobile Go Center must be listed in the request form.
  • The Mobile Go Center can only be booked for one event per day.
  • The Mobile Go Center must be returned cleaned and organized after an event.

Mobile Go Center interior

Site Visit Specifications

Sufficient parking space is needed in order to stay on schedule and ensure the safety of all participants. Please observe the following:

  • The parking area should be no less than nine car parking spaces in length and blocked off with cones to ensure that the Mobile Go Center can be parked safely and securely.
  • Parking close to the event is preferable to provide Mobile Go visibility.
  • To prevent interruption of the satellite signal, the parking area should be clear of obstructions such as trees and/or breezeways.
  • The parking area cannot block fire lanes and/or street entrances.
  • Upon arrival, a 45-minute window is required for setup before visitors can board.
  • Before departure, a 45-minute window is required to make the necessary preparations.
  • The Mobile Go Center is available to schools, community centers, and churches within the Lee College service area. For other venues, please call us.
  • No less than 50 participants should be expected at the event.


  • Should you need to cancel the Mobile Go Center visit, please do so at least 48 hours before the scheduled event.
  • We reserve the right to cancel any scheduled deployment due to inclement weather that could adversely affect the satellite signal or jeopardize the safety of those in the unit. We will notify you of necessary cancellations that are due to weather.