Mission, Vision, Values & Goals

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Our Mission

Lee College serves the community by providing innovative and quality education to our diverse students along guided pathways to gainful employment, personal enrichment, and life-long learning.

Our Vision

Lee College will empower students by providing knowledge and skills to confidently navigate their future.

Our Values

Student Success

Institutional Goals

Consistent with our mission and the state’s mission for community colleges, Lee College’s challenge is to continue to improve in all areas of institutional effectiveness including: student enrollment, performance and completion; services and programs offered to students, faculty, staff and the service area; financial efficiency, growth and stability; and measurement of effectiveness in various academic and administrative areas.

1. Student Success: Enable success among all students
1.1 Improve the overall student experience through guided pathways
1.2 Enrich learning through accessible and relevant programs and experiences
1.3 Enhance student engagement through innovative and evidence-based practices
2. Campus Community: Promote an inclusive campus climate
2.1. Promote a service-oriented, student-focused, safe and friendly campus environment
2.2. Support professional development for faculty, staff, and administration
2.3. Promote a talent recruitment and retention program that recognizes and rewards employee excellence
3. Partnerships: Advance educational opportunities, workforce development and cultural diversity
3.1. Build bridges from education to employment and/or transfer
3.2. Strengthen existing and develop new partnerships to provide relevant training, economic development opportunities and community engagement
3.3 Strengthen cultural initiatives that unite a diverse internal and external campus community
4. Institutional Effectiveness: Promote continuous improvement and use resources effectively
4.1 Foster transparent data driven decision making
4.2 Implement and assess educational and operational processes and technological resources to promote affordability, sustainability and continuous improvement
4.3 Increase external resources to support college efforts