Mission, Vision, Values & Goals

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Lee College is a caring community of teachers and learners focused on creating the ideal student experience, which includes using an equity lens to ensure that students have what they need to be successful; innovating to build holistic pathways that support student success; providing the highest quality instruction for transfer courses and workforce programs; and supporting the greater community and generations of Lee College graduates with professional development and community education opportunities.


New students will immediately feel that they belong at Lee College regardless of their background. They will feel fully supported as they transition into being a college student. Current students will feel that they can be their true selves, can be a full member of the college community, and can access all the opportunities Lee College has to offer. Students who recently completed a degree or certificate will feel fully supported in their transition into a career or a four-year college or university, and they will experience success because of the excellent instruction and life experiences that Lee College provided. Employees of the college will be recognized for their contributions, valued as people, and given opportunities for professional growth and career advancement. Employers will seek Lee College graduates because of the high quality of their education and training. Lee College will have close, mutually beneficial agreements with partner institutions to create efficient educational pathways that lead to rewarding careers with family sustaining wages, and the college's success will be clearly communicated with data and narratives. Stakeholders will support the college's mission because they understand the powerfully positive impact Lee College has on our service area.

Statement of Caring Community

We share a common purpose: We are all educators. All Lee College employees share the responsibility to be educators. Everyone has opportunities to share knowledge and promote the growth of others. The Quality Service Standards provide a decision-making framework empowering all employees to uphold the shared purpose of being an educator in all circumstances. We build a caring community to achieve this purpose by following these standards:

  • Safety: Our first concern is safety. When we become aware of an unsafe situation, we will immediately apply procedures and training to take action to resolve the situation.
  • Courtesy: Safety and Courtesy are prerequisites to engaging with each other as members of a caring community. Therefore, at every touch-point, we will demonstrate respect, make others feel welcome, and guide others to appropriate resources.
  • Well-Being: We care about each other as people, so we are empathetic to everyone's needs and purposes by reading their social cues, being an active listener, and responding in an appropriate manner to help them when they are in need.
  • Growth: As a community of educators, we are both teachers and learners. We help each other grow intellectually, professionally and personally by breaking barriers and equipping them with the necessary tools.
  • Efficiency: As responsible stewards of public tax dollars, private donations, and the tuition paid by our students, we seek to develop and implement policies and procedures that maximize productivity and make the best use of available resources.

Equity Statement

Lee College commits to creating and sustaining an equitable environment. Our goal is for students, staff, faculty, and administration to grow and achieve their personal and educational potential. We recognize that our community comes from diverse backgrounds and that our student population enters the college at different starting points. Our commitment to equity bridges opportunities by closing educational gaps and dismantling systemic barriers for historically under-resourced students. Our stance is that equity differs from equality. Equality assumes the equal distribution of resources will produce equal results. By contrast, equity seeks to achieve equal results by accounting for multidimensional perspectives and directing resources and access to meet individualized needs. Operating through an equity lens is central to the college's mission in maintaining a holistic ideal student experience.