Common Grounds: Community Standards

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  • Students should follow all Lee College Student Conduct policies and guidelines while in the Common Grounds Lounge.
  • Students should be courteous and considerate of others in the lounge and surrounding offices. Inappropriate and/or disruptive behavior is prohibited and could lead to temporary or permanent removal from the lounge.
  • Students should comply with staff instructions and requests while in the Lounge. Common Grounds staff members and student workers reserve the right to close the lounge or ask any attendees to leave because of inappropriate behavior. If escalation occurs, staff and student workers reserve the right to involve Lee College's security team, Student Conduct administrators, and/or other college administrators.
  • Food and beverages are allowed in the lounge. Students are responsible for cleaning up after themselves.
  • Do not tamper with the artwork, fixtures, furniture, decorations, and/or property in the lounge, unless given explicit permission. Lounge furniture should be used appropriately and for its intended purpose. All items should be returned to their original location after any rearrangement.
  • Students are responsible for their own personal items. Student workers, staff members, and Lee College are exempt from liability regarding lost, stolen, or damaged items and/or bodily injury during the use of the Common Grounds lounge.
The Common Grounds lounge thanks you for your cooperation! We hope to see you soon!