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Campus Descriptions

Service Area

Lee College offers more than 100 associate degree and certificate programs, as well as non-credit workforce and community education courses, that prepare its diverse student body for advanced higher education; successful entry into the workforce; and a variety of in- demand careers. With the main campus and McNair Center located in Baytown, Texas, and a satellite center in nearby Liberty, the college serves a geographic area of more than 220,000 residents that includes the school systems of Goose Creek, Anahuac, Barbers Hill, Baytown Christian Academy, Crosby, Dayton, Devers, East Chambers, Hardin, Hardin-Jefferson, Huffman, Hull-Daisetta, Kountze, Liberty and West Hardin.

McNair Center

The McNair Center first opened in 2008 and quickly outgrew the available space, prompting an initial renovation that was completed in 2011. The latest expansion project was funded through a bond issue approved in 2013 by 72 percent of voters. For years, Lee College has offered cosmetology, non-credit healthcare, and other non-credit classes at this state-of-the-art facility located at 3411 I-10 West in Baytown. Now, supported by bond-funded renovations, the McNair Center also offers Machining, Millwright, Piping and Welding. For the most current list of classes offered at the Center, refer to the credit and community education class schedules available online at or call 281.527.5611.

Lee College Education Center - South Liberty County

Lee College Education Center – South Liberty County (LCEC) is centrally located on State Highway 146 bypass in Liberty. The center reflects the college's commitment to supporting academic resources and workforce training offered throughout the region. The LCEC offers a dual credit institute, post-secondary educational programs, fast-track workforce training and community education to students in the South Liberty County area.
The Dual Credit Institute serves students of five neighboring school districts — Anahuac, Dayton, Liberty, Hardin and Hull-Daisetta — in offering coursework in the high-demand technical fields of process technology, electrical technology, and computer-aided drafting and design, along with academic transfer courses.
Community Education Programs are offered through the Harris County Department of Education. HCDE's highly qualified teachers provide GED classes as well as English as a second language (ESL) classes at the LCEC. HCDE Adult Education offers working adults the opportunity to gain the skills needed to take advantage of better job opportunities or move into higher education. For more information please visit,


Lee College started offering college courses for credit in the Texas Department Criminal Justice (TDCJ) in 1966. Dr. George Beto, director of TDCJ at the time, wanted to offer programs that would prepare an offender for life in the outside world. Dr. Beto contacted Dean Rundell of Lee College, who was a friend of his, and the program was born. Dean Rundell was impressed with the plan its potential and the Lee College Board of Regents agreed to participate in the program with the understanding that the full cost of the program would be borne by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

The academic program began in the fall semester of 1966 with five classes and 176 students. Vocational classes were first offered in the spring of 1967. By the fall semester of 1968, 688 students were enrolled in 25 academic and vocational classes.

Full-time instructors teaching just in the prison extension program were first hired for the vocational classes in 1967. Academic classes were initially taught by instructors from the main campus. Increasing academic class loads in the prison program resulted in the hiring of the first academic instructor working full time in the prison extension program in 1978. Shortly after that, an administrator, located in Huntsville, with full-time administrative responsibility for the prison extension program, was hired, and in the years that followed a full complement of Huntsville-based full-time academic and vocational instructors were hired as well. By 1984, the program was run, as now, as a separate extension of Lee College, based in Huntsville.

Distance Education

Led by the Empirical Educator Center, online learning provides quality education in a non-traditional environment, where the student and faculty member are in different locations. Lee College faculty strives to promote superior online learning through the college's online learning management system.

Lee College offers several options for students who are self-motivated and prefer independent learning. Online learning courses require an orientation with the instructor, either personally or online. Courses are completed during a single semester with deadlines set by instructors for course assignments and exams.

Online learning provides courses in which a majority (more than 50 percent) of the instruction occurs when the student(s) and instructor(s) are not in the same place. Within online learning, there are several modalities, which include, but are not limited to: fully online, hybrid/blended, DigiTex, etc.


Lee College's Center for Workforce and Community Development offers a variety of noncredit programs, courses and classes for individuals who are on a journey to professional and business success or who want to enhance the quality of their personal lives by: learning new skills, acquiring knowledge that's useful in the workforce or their daily lives, increasing their physical fitness level, developing a new hobby or just having fun. Services include workforce training, small business development courses, and community education courses for both credit and non-credit.


There is an ATM conveniently located inside the sports arena. Additionally, near the main campus there are several banks that offer ATMs.

College Closing, Weather Delays, Emergencies

Inclement weather and emergency closures of campus happen on occasion. The administration actively works to provide planned closures well in advance to the entire campus community.

Unplanned closures are announced via Navigator Alerts, social media, and on the Lee College website. Please be sure to check all avenues of communication as the safety of our students, faculty, staff, and administration are of the highest importance.


The Lee College Facilities Department provides physical plant, grounds, and facilities services to students, faculty, staff, and administration. Services include custodial, grounds maintenance, mechanical/electrical/plumbing, moves and set-ups, structural/building maintenance, and transportation services. The physical plant team includes a skilled team that includes leadership to electricians, plumbers, custodians, grounds workers, roofers, and more. To submit a work order, please submit an online request for service.

Facilities Use and Rental

Lee College offers a wide variety of high quality facilities for both educational and public use. They can facilitate small groups to large expos with the venues carrying a wide variety of services and amenities. To inquire about facilities, their use, or rental, please reach out to the facilities team.

Food Services

Cafe '34 provides many great food items for Lee College students, faculty members, and staff members.

We have a cafeteria-style restaurant where we feature different entree and vegetable choices daily. We also have a taqueria. There is also a grill side, featuring hamburgers, chicken tenders, chicken salads, french fries, onion rings, and many more delicious items, all made to order.

We are continually trying new items. We invite you to come and check us out.

ID Cards

All members of the campus community are encouraged to keep some form of identification on their person at all times.

Faculty members, staff members, and administration members are able to obtain identification cards from the Office of Human Resources.

Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology of Lee College develops, implements and manages the enterprise information systems that support the college's core business processes. Systems include student, financial, human resources, procurement, facilities, instructional, library and other systems. An integrated and secure approach, including an information environment for management decision support and reporting is central to these information systems. The division also manages a secure, stable computing infrastructure to support all Lee College information systems.

If you are in need of technical assistance, please put in a help ticket and they will get back with you as soon as possible. If it is urgent, call them at 281.425.myLC (6952), and we will take the steps necessary to resolve your issue.

Information Technology also oversees telecommunications. Should you require any assistance with telecommunications services (e.g., office phone), please complete the following form: Telephone Service Request Form.


As a member of the faculty, the Lee College Library will prove to be an invaluable resource to your work. Located on Lee College's Main Campus, the Library offers a traditional range of resources, including research materials (in print and online), textbook references, and editorial checkouts. However, the Lee College Library also provides a breadth of additional services, such as study rooms, computer lab access, laptop checkouts, Library Instruction, and Copyright Information.

It is important to note that the Lee College Writing Center and the Learning Glass (teaching tool) are both located in the Library. Additionally, Mr. Paul Arrigo, Director of the Lee College Library, heads the Academic Honesty Committee. He serves as a resource for those with questions about allegations of cheating or plagiarism.

Performing Arts Center

The Lee College Performing Arts Center serves as a gathering point for large campus events, such as Convocation, but also produces many plays, skits, musicals, and band/orchestral performances. Faculty members are encouraged to join the Performing Arts Center's mailing list to receive the most up to date performance information available.

Security Services

Lee College Campus Security Services provides round the clock monitoring of Lee Colleges various campus locations. In addition to their security services, they offer door unlocks (physical and remote), safety checks, and ongoing campus patrols.

Campus Security Telephone Numbers

  • On Campus
    • Campus Security:
      • Ext. 6888 or 9.281.425.6888, 24 hours
      • Red phones in each building and emergency poles throughout parking lots.
        Pick up receiver or push button and wait for a security officer to answer.
    • Local Emergency: Dial 9.911 (for fire, police, ambulance)
  • Off Campus
    • Campus Security: 281.425.6888, 24 hours
    • Local Emergency: 911
  • Email:
The Security Services Office is located in the Security Facility.


Lee College utilizes a variety of resources for the delivery of notifications to help disseminate valuable information quickly. You will be notified of developing emergency situations via:

  • Text message alerts, sent to users who have registered online. Everyone should register! Register for alerts now!
  • Outdoor warning sirens
  • Email
  • Speaker system
  • Phone calls
  • Fire alarms
  • Computer desktop monitors

Remember, when you hear:

  • Outdoor warning sirens: Immediately seek shelter (shelter in place) in a safe location within the building.
  • Fire alarms: Immediately evacuate the building and move to the announced meeting area.
All Other Alerts: Follow the directions given.
In all cases, you should get additional clarifying information by all possible means.

Parking and Motor Vehicle Registration

Lee College Security is tasked with managing the registration of all vehicles on campus, and regulating parking, as necessary. You are encouraged to obtain a parking permit from security as quickly as possible to avoid any parking violation issues. At present, parking for faculty is fairly flexible so long as you avoid general violations (e.g., double parking, parking in front of a fire hydrant, parking in an handicap designated space).


Lee College Transportation Services has a primary goal of providing quality transportation to meet the transport needs of Lee College.

Daily Schedule: 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 7:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Friday.

The daily routine includes preparing reserved vehicles for customer use; perform preventative and routine maintenance for campus vehicles; perform preventative and routine maintenance for grounds tractors and mowing equipment.


Lee College has a state-of-the-art notification system. This system is set up to send you vital information: emergency alerts such as campus closings and weather advisories, as well as urgent messages regarding registration and financial aid.

These messages are important. Please take the time to register. Simply sign up to receive the most up-to-date alerts. You will need to have your cell phone turned on to complete the process.