Lee Cares: Debt Forgiveness

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Lee College students who have financial holds up to $999 with Lee, and who have not been enrolled at Lee since spring 2022, are encouraged to re-enroll under an initiative called the Lee Cares Debt Forgiveness Program.

The main goal of this debt forgiveness initiative is to get Lee College students who have left because of a debt owed to the college, to return so that they can graduate with a credential. Qualified students may be eligible to have their debt forgiven.

Eligible students must:

  • not have been enrolled at Lee since spring 2022;
  • have financial holds of no more than $999 with Lee;
  • maintain a 2.0 GPA;
  • commit to ongoing support services designed to help them achieve their academic goals;
  • have a completed FAFSA on file; and
  • have the means to pay current charges

Students who agree to this contract and fulfill it will have their past due balance forgiven upon program completion. If the student cannot complete the program for any reason, the debt will be proportionally reduced based upon the number of Semester Credit hours successfully completed while participating in the program. The application submission does not guarantee acceptance into the Lee Cares Debt Forgiveness Program. The DFP Coordinator will review each request and contact the applicant within 10 business days.

To apply for the Lee Cares Debt Forgiveness Program, one must complete and submit the online application (PDF). Upon completing and submitting the application to participate in the Debt Forgiveness Program, the student record will be considered for participation. If approved, a DFP Agreement form will be emailed for the student to sign and return to the DFP Coordinator. Once that Agreement form is on file, the hold blocking registration is removed, and an indicator is placed noting the student is a Debt Forgiveness Program participant. The student will then be cleared to enroll in classes.

For students needing to reactivate their Lee College account for enrollment, go to to submit a current ApplyTexas application. A link can also be found on our home page at under the Admissions & Aid, tab by selecting Apply to Lee.

For more information, contact Laurie Cooper at 281.425.6397 or at