QEP Meeting Minutes - 1/15/2015

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January 15, 2015

3:30 PM Rundell 107 Conference Room

Attendees: Lakeisha Branch, John Elliott, Nora James, Marissa Moreno, Michael Fleming, Paul Allen, Dana Byal, Michelle Hernandez-Perez, DeDe Griffith, Cathy Kemper, Jodi Rodriguez

  1. Review and approval of minutes from last meeting
  • Minutes were unavailable at start of meeting but were reviewed and approved later in the meeting.
  • DeDe Griffith motioned to approve
  • Dana Byal seconded the motion
  1. Review of data to determine target population
  • Brief Review of last meeting
  • Identified 3 outcomes and added a 4th (faculty and mentor involvement)
  • Blackboard not being utilized – very little discussion board usage
  • Is Blackboard a legitimate tool or do other options need to be looked into?
  • Focus today on data and target population
  • Review and discussion of new GS4 student data provided by Dr. Fleming and Dr. Hernandez-Perez
  • Request to eliminate UN2 and UN1 (Undecided) as Major – will be classified as General Studies if undecided
  • Data provided includes all HS/ECHS/DC students – may need to adjust to apply to use model with these students
  • GS 4 Students by far largest program in terms of enrollment
  • Does enrollment data serve our purpose, does it tell us what we need to know?
  • How can Clearinghouse be utilized effectively to get information?
  • Discussed core completers, transfer students, GS4 FTIC student breakdown by ethnicity, sex, age and then by Pell, online, etc. to determine which group is struggling the most.
  1. Consideration of a model
  • How do we want this to look?
  • Review of sample model seen at SACSCOC
  • Wesleyan College model – goals and approach fit with our discussion of GS4 students and tech faculty and connecting with students
  • E-portfolios such as “Purple Briefcase” are popular QEPs and looked at favorably by SACSCOC – purpose is to help student decide what they want to do – foundation for future career
  • Student learning outcomes and actions discussed including: academic plans, career inventories, publications, presentations, internships, projects, research, evaluations, assessments, soft-skills
  • Faculty, Advisor and Counselor Engagement (FACE time)
  1. Future planning based upon the QEP report requirements:
  • Executive Summary
  • Process Used to Develop QEP
  • Desired Student Learning Outcomes –
  • Desired SLO’s have been covered
  • Literature Review and Best Practices
  • Actions to be implemented
  • If agreed overall as a group on what model will look like, smaller break-out groups can be organized to plan certain aspects of it
  • Suggestions for work teams: by goals, by strategies, data, technology
  • Recruit others not on committee such as Internship, Service Learning, Undergrad Research, Honors Coordinator
  • Timeline: Calendar of Actions to be Implemented

Need calendar of actions. Must be completed by June 1

  • Organizational Structure
  • Resources
  • Assessment Plan
  • Appendices
  1. Next Meeting: MONDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2015, 3:30 P.M. RUNDELL 107