QEP Meeting Minutes - 3/18/15

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March 18, 2015

10 a.m. Rundell 107 Conference Room

Attendees: Lakeisha Branch, John Elliott, Marissa Moreno, Paul Allen, DeDe Griffith, Cathy Kemper, Jodi Rodriguez

  1. Review and approval of minutes from last meeting
  • Reviewed 3 SLOs in the handout
  • Blackboard still not being utilized for team discussions between meetings
  1. Review of data to determine target population
  • Decision made on focus group: General Studies
  • Still no answer on Clearinghouse data available
  • Request to eliminate Undecided Majors was presented to cabinet and approved.
  • Discussion on need to take UN option off of Apply Texas and on paper forms and to add First Generation information. Sharon Steele may be able to help with this.
  • Need to expand data and start creating visuals for communication plan.
    • ACTION: Get current LSSS/EDUC students disaggregated by major
  1. Review of the model
  • Several models looked at last meeting – need to move forward on E-Portfolio.
  • Must have concrete, measurable goals.
  • Time to start writing, communicate to faculty that most of practices in model are already in place, they just need to be formalized and assessed.
  • Does not need to include all faculty, but everyone needs to know how it works and how it impacts them.
  • Discussed requiring Gen Ed Students to take LSSS/EDUC in first semester – should run by CAAC for information only.
  • Need to identify sub-teams to work on specific components of the QEP.
    • ACTION: DeDe will work on E-portfolio component and share gathered literature
    • ACTION: Marissa will work with Treva on LSSS requirement for Gen Ed students and faculty-advisor relations.
    • ACTION: LaKeisha will work with a team to develop the literature review.
    • ACTION: Michelle will work with a team to develop data visuals, targets and assessment plans.
    • ACTION: Dr. Kemper will work with Sharon Steele to add 1st generation to the application and removed Undecided as a major.
  1. Future planning based upon the QEP report requirements:

Topics Discussed

  • How to execute plan and model – initial goals will be achieved in LSSS/EDUC. Build an ideal plan and then work on specifics.
  • Professional development in People Soft for faculty involved with General Studies majors.
  • Design process for assigning a faculty mentor after inventories are completed.
  • Faculty mentor can sit in with advisors for student intake sessions to learn what information is exchanged in these sessions.
  • Utilize division chairs to recruit faculty representatives in each area; engage adjunct instructors and consider modes of compensation.
  • Need for full-time QEP director to supervise overall QEP. Would like job description to be posted in Spring and in place by June 1st. 5 year- grant type position. Skills needed: Organization, Networking, Team Building, Technology, Persistence.
    • ACTION: Dr. Kemper will develop a draft QEP Director job description.
  • Review QEP models from other institutions
  • Every strategy needs documentation to show value – we need to define what they mean to us.

Strategy 1 (first year): SLO 1 and SLO 2 – need roadmap – where do we begin – Professional development needs to be geared to how do we move forward. Plan for General Studies, 1st semester LSSS/EDUC begin exploration as soon as possible. What happens in semester 2? Needs follow-up, faculty advisor.

Strategy 2 (second year): Faculty in instruction are already doing most of these practices and signing off – Service Learning, Internships, Undergrad Research, Presentations, Projects. Engage faculty leaders already doing this.

  • What do we need as a description of how this takes place- What happens and what are roles in Semesters 1, 2, 3, 4?
  • E-Portfolio to be hosted – it needs to have reporting capabilities for SACSCOC report and contents need to be private within reason.
  • April is last faculty assembly meeting – we need to get on agenda to give QEP overview – we should also present to Faculty, Administrative, and Staff Assembly – generate excitement about QEP
  • Plan must be sent off 6 weeks before SACSCOC comes (mid July)
  • Day long meeting/retreat suggested for sub-teams to come together and present information and formulate plan – possible dates: April 16th, 22nd, or 23rd. Dr. Kemper will provide lunch
  • Schedule an “open meeting” for everyone after day long meeting with PowerPoint presentation to get feedback on the QEP.

Components of the QEP Report

  • Executive Summary
  • Process Used to Develop QEP
  • Desired Student Learning Outcomes
  • Literature Review and Best Practices
  • Actions to be implemented
  • Timeline: Calendar of Actions to be Implemented
  • Organizational Structure
  • Resources
  • Assessment Plan
  • Appendices
  1. Next Meeting: THURSDAY, APRIL 2, 2015 — RUNDELL 107 3-5 p.m.