QEP Meeting Minutes - 9/14/2015

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September 14, 2015
11:00 a.m. JBH 123 Conference Room

Attendees: Roger Demary, Lorrent Smith, Nicole Lossie, Chris Coats, Marti Covington, Christy Ponce, LeAnn Allison

  1. Review and approval of minutes from last meeting –

This is our first meeting of the Marketing Sub-Committee

  1. What is being done

Website – Main Page. Main menu: Home, QEP Summary, QEP Outcomes, What’s in it for me, Things to Know, Timeline, Committees, QEP Minutes, Resources, FAQ, Feedback. Will use a video to give an overview of the plan. Answer the questions: What is a QEP. Highlight the main steps of the QEP.

Summary: Executive Summary

Outcomes: Expected outcomes from the QEP

What’s in it for me: Break this into categories for students, faculty & staff, parents, and business & industry

Timeline: Use 2-year timeline from QEP

Implementation Team: Table with sub-committees and members

QEP Minutes: update with minutes

Resources: Resources and references from the QEP

FAQ: Top questions that could be asked about the QEP

Feedback: Location for anyone to ask questions about the QEP

Roger Demary will begin development of website from materials discussed

Email Blasts: These are being compiled from the QEP and reviewed by committee members via email before next meeting. All users QEP: What you need to know will begin on 9/28 to all users

FB, Twitter, LI: Chris Coats will work on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn promotions

Video: Chris Coats will edit video from professional development week for website

Slogan: Marti Covington will work on creating slogans that enhance the Navigate Your Future, Create Your Own Adventure: idea – Navigate Your Future #WhatsYourPath, Core Concepts Exploration, Planning, Support by 9/16

Printed Materials: Lorrent Smith will work on several concepts for flyers, posters and banners that will be placed around campus using logos already created and additional ideas ready 9/18

Marketing verbiage, printed materials, website and all other materials will be discussed by the committee via email before the next meeting.

  1. Next Meeting- Monday, September 21, 11 a.m., JBH 123.