Safety and Security Committee Minutes: 2016-0801

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Safety and Security Committee Meeting

Notes – Lee College

August 1, 2016


Steve Evans, Karen Seratt, Jr. Velez, Karen Guthmiller, Mark Jaime, Marti Covington, Harry Pang, John Elliott, Scott Bennett, Tom Sandoval,


Mike Spletter, Daniel Christie, Troy Oehler, Rosetta Mourer, Leslie Gallagher, Delma Garcia, Sam Ortellono

STEVE EVANS REPORT/ All items are still awaiting cabinet discussion.

Follow-up: Fire Marshall Designations for each building have been made. Instructions and more information will be forth coming.

Follow-up: We need a process for evacuation for all buildings – This item will be taken to the cabinet for input. There needs to be a primary and secondary option. This item is still pending for cabinet review.


  1. Need to address the campus carry law that went into effect for universities.
  2. Status of spiral emergency booklets –
    1. Susan Smedley is currently working on final version of emergency flipchart.
  1. TV1 has scheduled a fire drill that will occur within the first two weeks of -Awaiting TASB; Mark Jaime to get Chuck Kennedy’s contact number.
  2. Safety light is needed on the west end of Huddle.


Semester Location Possible Week of Drill

Fall 16 TV 1 & Science October 24-28

Spring 17 Rundell March 27-30

Fall 17 TV 8 & Science October 23-26

Spring 18 Bonner March 26-29

Fall 18 McNulty-Haddick October 22-25

Spring 19 Advance Technology Center March 25-28


Note: McNair Center needs to also have a schedule.

Note: Do we need Liberty to have a schedule?