Fees and Charges

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The fee structure for Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) requests at Lee College is subject to change, and charges are determined based on guidance from the Attorney General. Requestors should be aware that fees may apply, particularly for extensive or specialized requests. At the discretion of the staff member responding to a request, fees may be waived when there are a minimal number of responsive documents. Requestors have the right to discuss or modify their requests based on the anticipated fees.

If the cost of the request is expected to exceed $40, Lee College will send a cost estimate letter to the requestor. The estimate letter includes an itemized statement of any copying, personnel, mailing, or other charges that will be incurred in fulfilling the request. Once the requestor confirms that they agree to the estimated costs, Lee College will begin compiling the records. If the requestor does not respond to the cost estimate letter within ten (10) days, the request will be closed.

Where estimated costs exceed $100, the requestor will be required to make a deposit before any records are compiled.

For more information, please see the Attorney General's Open Government website regarding charges for Public Information.