Establishing a Scholarship

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Scholarships change lives and you can help the Lee College Foundation make a difference in a student's life by donating to or establishing a scholarship with the Foundation. Scholarships are awarded yearly to help a variety of students receive the aid they must have in paying for tuition and textbooks for their program of study.

Endowed Scholarships

The Lee College Foundation works with donors who wish to establish a lasting legacy by creating an endowed scholarship. The funds donated for endowed scholarships are placed in a permanent fund and only earnings from that donation are used to fund scholarships. Most scholarships are given based on the merit and need of the student, however, you as a donor, may have other award criteria.

Many Lee College students would not be able to attend college if it weren't for the generous gifts of donors who provide their financial assistance. By endowing a scholarship with the Lee College Foundation, you provide perpetual income for supporting students at Lee. Scholarship endowments also provide a unique way of honoring the memory of a loved one, or paying tribute to those who have inspired you.

A minimum gift of $10,000 permanently endows a tuition scholarship and $5,000 permanently endows a textbook scholarship in the Lee College Foundation.

For more information about endowing a scholarship with the Lee College Foundation, please contact us at 281.425.6453.

Non-endowed Scholarships

Some donors would prefer not to endow their gift to the Foundation. Many individuals and organizations provide critical support each year for students with generous gifts, however, they are not permanently invested. Those scholarships are also awarded yearly and some donors may choose to have particular criteria associated with them as well. Either way, many Lee students desperately need the gracious help of donors who care about education, understand its importance and are willing to help someone they've never met reach their education goals.

Be a part of a student's life – give a gift today.

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