Marketing & Public Affairs

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The Office of Marketing and Public Affairs provides communications planning, publications, media relations, Web, advertising, marketing, photography, special-event and exhibit services to support the mission of Lee College.

The office also works to build relationships within the community through associations, partnerships and outreach committees.

In general, Marketing and Public Affairs:

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Ricoh logo

The Ricoh print shop at Lee College
  • Is responsible for developing and maintaining the Lee College brand.
  • Coordinates, develops, writes and produces major college publications (course schedules, catalog, brochures, etc.), marketing plans, sponsorships, promotions and direct mail-campaigns.
  • Manages all aspects of media relations, including press releases, feature articles and media advisories, media, interviews and press conferences.
  • Creates, oversees, and purchases all newspaper, magazine, Web, broadcast, and radio advertisements.
  • Develops and coordinates the design and content of the college website.
  • Creates, implements, and assists with a variety of special events.
  • Develops and post messages on the college's plasma screens and marquee.