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>> REQUEST JOBS by using this interactive form. You can use the TRAC system later to reference current or past jobs. Here is a printable form for business card requests.
(Explanation and help) pricing/quotes available via email to Sara Hernandez.

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To learn about our services, see our brochure.

We CANNOT start your job without the correctly completed print request form.

If you do not have an electronic version of your job, you may still submit the hard copy along with a completed print request form per the usual method.

• The print request form is what is actually used to bill your department.
• TRAC allows you to see the progress of your job and the amount that will be charged.

Please feel free to use this link if you’d like to track your current print request(s) and/or see any of the print requests you’ve previously submitted. (However, do NOT use this when submitting your print requests.

(Your Username will typically be your Lee College email address, without the Your Password will be "password" if you’ve not logged in before. TRAC will prompt you to change your password to something else.)